How about a career in real estate?

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Are you looking for a fresh career start in 2017?
Have you considered a career in real estate?

Despite what you may think, a job in real estate involves more than just buying and selling houses. A real estate agent’s role can also include leasing, managing, auctioneering and valuing property, while there are opportunities to specialise in residential, rural, commercial and industrial property or businesses.

Real estate also gives you the opportunity to meet a wide range of people and assist them with some of their most important life decisions. If you’re someone who has an engaging personality and can communicate with and relate to a great variety of people, then real estate may be a career option for you. A good sense of organisation, dedication and customer service are also the traits of a good real estate agent.

Read more about a career in real estate, and the educational requirements and training courses available in each state.

5 tips on using a recruiter to find a real estate job in 2016

March, 2016 by

When it comes to changing jobs, most of us tend to go to an internet job board and start applying for whatever takes our fancy. The unfortunate aspect of internet job boards is they’re full of recruitment agencies, and we all have plenty of stories about recruitment agencies. So how do you use a recruitment agency?CAREERS: Web Page Header

Recruitment agencies are not hard to find but finding the right one to help you get your next job is a time-consuming task. Many people think a recruitment agency is there to find them a role, but the fact is recruitment agencies are there to fill jobs for companies, and a by-product of that is the successful candidate secures a job through the agency.

However, what about the remaining 20 applicants who weren’t successful in securing a job? What happens to them? If they’re lucky they might get a call from the agency when another role comes up. However most agencies would tell job-seekers to keep perusing job boards such as Seek to see their advertised jobs.

The reason for this explanation is that if you know how recruitment agencies work, you’ll have a better chance of successfully using an agency to find a job in real estate.

So, here are our 5 tips on using a recruiter to find a new job in 2016:

  1. Format your CV correctly. If you don’t have a well formatted CV, it becomes too hard for the recruiter to find the information they need. Use bullet points and be concise.
  2. Read each job ad thoroughly and make sure to only apply for jobs you are suited to. A recruiter will receives hundreds of applications for certain roles, but if you’re regularly applying to roles outside your skill set, you may be labelled as “serial applicant”, which won’t help your job propsects.
  3. Connect with the recruiter on LinkedIn. This way you can send them a direct message with any queries you may have about the role.
  4. Don’t expect to be called back. A recruiter might be handling 15 roles at a time. Let’s assume they get 50 applications for each role (a conservative figure, but it could be as high as 300!). i.e. 15×50 = 750 applications to sort through. If the recruiter were to call every one of these applicants and spend 5 minutes on the phone with them, that equates to 5×750 / 60 = 62.5 hours – an unrealistic amount of time.
  5. Finally, try and make the recruiter’s life easier. Think of applying for a jobs as a marketing process. Recruiters are busy people and like most human beings, will ultimately look for the line of least resistance to achieve their outcome. Do whatever you can to smooth their way.

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