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When in doubt, ask the experts – and they don't come much better than Peter Vetten. As the Principal of Raine & Horne Mandurah, Peter's passion for commercial real estate is widely known. His energy and experience in the industry has led to him being one of the top ranked agents in the region.

We spoke to Peter to get his insight into how up and coming agents can succeed in an increasingly competitive industry. 

"I was more of a figures man"

Everyone starts somewhere – and for Peter, his beginnings come from another competitive industry. 

"I used to be a merchant banker, specialising in large ticket property finance. When the merchant banking industry fell apart after the '87 stock market crash, I got myself an agent's license. The economy was in a pretty poor state, but real estate was something that I knew. I wanted to go down the commercial vein because I was more of a figures man."

Peter Vetten made the move from merchant banking to real estate.Peter Vetten made the move from merchant banking to real estate.

"I started with Raine & Horne about 17 years ago at Raine & Horne West Perth. I was a one-man band for a reasonable period of time and then started to expand. I came to Mandurah, where I am now, 10 years ago."

Local flavour

Since moving to Mandurah, Peter has found plenty to love about the place. 

"There's a broad spectrum, something for everyone."

"We're on the water's edge, and it's very pretty down here. This town is now starting to get known for being a great place to retire because you can buy so cheaply here and you're only an hour out of Perth."

"One of the advantages of living in Mandurah is that there is a lot of development going on. We've seen land development, we've seen multi-storey unit development. And then we've got waterfront properties, and little properties worth about $250,000. There's a broad spectrum, something for everyone."

A career of milestones

With such a long history in real estate, Peter has his fair share of success stories. However, when pressed for his ultimate highlights, he had some clear events in mind. 

"Last year I sold an office complex that had Officeworks as an anchor tenant. We sold that for $13.5 million, which is one of the biggest sales I've ever done." 

"I'm also really proud of the way I grew into the position. In my first three to five years, times were particularly tough as we came out of the GFC. But over the next few years, I worked hard and became the dominant commercial sales agent in Mandurah."

Don't lose sight of having a bit of personality.

Don't forget that it's about people

When it comes to advice he'd give to up and coming agents, there's a clear through line for Peter – be personable.  

"Don't lose sight of having a bit of personality. I think a lot my clients like being with me because I'm jovial and energetic. Be positive too – there's no point worrying abut things, letting them get you down. You've just got to work out the best way to adapt to changes, and move forward with your head held high." 

When the best doesn't even know it

What do you expect people to say when they discuss their top ranking as a real estate agent? While most try and remain humble, some – Peter included – aren't even aware of their staggering achievements to begin with. 

"Top agent? Awesome! I don't really realise that I am a top-ranked agent. I'm not big-headed about it at all – I keep my feet firmly on the ground. I'm always trying to improve things. I'm in my sixties, and yet I still listen to training tapes most mornings – I enjoy it."

Final words for budding agents

Stay positive. Keep your energy high. Constantly prospect.

"Stay positive. Keep your energy high. Constantly prospect."

"Don't expect instant gratification – this is a long game not a short game. You're not walking into a car yard where they need to get a deal done in a couple of hours. Here you've got to deal with people for many years – you've got to become their most trusted advisor."

"Don't let things get you down. You're going to get a lot of hits, a lot of negative stuff happening to you on the way through. Don't let it affect you – it's not personal. Get up, understand that it's not going to be the last time it happens. Work out if there's anything you could have done better and then move on."

Why work with Raine & Horne?

With such an excellent history of working with Raine & Horne, Peter is the perfect person to ask about why he loves to work here – and he doesn't disappoint. 

"Last year the Raine & Horne principal's retreat was in China. I was invited to come along, and it was absolutely awesome."

"You see other people who are succeeding and we're all doing it in slightly different ways, because many of us have very different environments. We're not all in the CBD of Sydney where they're selling units as fast as they're building them. It's nice to know because that sound boarding has definitely improved my business."

"The thing that I like about Raine & Horne the most are the conferences. You learn from many people and you become part of the Raine & Horne family. I go to a lot of these conferences and I would highly recommend them to anybody. It's a little bit of magic that should be sought after by up and coming reps."

Get in touch with Raine & Horne Mandurah to experience the difference Peter's team can make to your buying or selling journey. 

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