Why are the banks hiking up their mortgage interest rates?

November, 2015 by

When it comes to the interest rates we’re paying on our home loans – to steal a line from Beatle John Lennon – it’s strange days indeed, most peculiar. On the one hand, the big banks are hiking up their interest rates, while[…]

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Is it better to have a bank or a non-bank lender such as credit union or building society managing my mortgage?

April, 2015 by

Australia has a very sophisticated home loan industry and its banks, credit unions and building societies are all equally acceptable options. They are all regulated by the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA), which means the more significant issue involves determining[…]

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Can we bank on an interest rate cut anytime soon? If not, is it too late to fix or split my home loan?

June, 2014 by

A survey of 16 leading economists has revealed that interest rates are set to rise – although the majority believe the Reserve Bank of Australia won’t make the unpopular move until 2015. Economists from AMP, ANZ, Bank of Sydney, ING Direct,[…]

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Bricks & mortar the perfect Christmas present for economy and home owners

December, 2013 by

The timely return to form of Australian real estate is great news, not only for homeowners, but also for the Australian economy, given the pressure on Australia’s favourite asset class to pick up the slack from the waning mining and[…]

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