Why should I consider a winter sale?

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Fewer properties for sale combined with robust buyer demand, make the winter months a terrific time to sell a property, writes Angus Raine, Executive Chairman, Raine & Horne.

  • The colder months are a great time to sell a property
  • Fewer properties on the market in winter means that June, July and August are excellent months for a real estate sale
  • Give the property a spruce up to ensure it shapes up well for committed winter buyers

The real estate market shifts into hibernation for the winter months with many vendors preferring to wait for spring to sell their properties. However, for many vendors, ignoring a winter sale is a lost opportunity.

It’s a simple case of supply and demand. With the number of homes for sale (supply) dipping in winter, it doesn’t necessarily mean buyer demand falls too. Remember, many buyers are driven to make a purchasing decision because they’ve changed jobs, have a growing family, are moving schools, or have decided to downsize. These buying decisions are made regardless of whether its winter or spring, and as a result there are buyers and investors seeking property year round.

Consequently, with less competition than in spring, the colder months will work in favour of vendors who sensibly price their homes to sell according to market expectations. If vendors wish to truly turbo-charge the sale, then talk to your Raine & Horne agent about the value of taking the property to auction.

While slimmer numbers of properties for sale can potentially deliver more motivated buyers to your door, a friendly and inviting interior will grab their interest. If your property has a fireplace, for example, or central heating, make sure it is decent working order for home inspections. Not only is a roaring fire a comforting sight for wannabe buyers, a cozy home will create an tempting ambiance.

Be sure to check the hour of the day when the winter sun shines brightly on your property, and arrange open for inspections for aspiring buyers accordingly. Open the curtains and let the natural light filter through your property. If it lacks natural light, ensure that you turn on all the lights and lamps.

Musty smells can also be an issue during the colder months. To combat this obstacle, add some pleasant scents such as perfumed candles, or brew a fresh pot of coffee to countermand the stuffy, winter odours.

It’s worth inspecting the exterior of your property prior to selling to ensure there are no issues, which might encourage buyers to look elsewhere. Start with the roof and search for cracks, broken tiles and blocked drains. Look for mould and cracks to walls, as well as damaged window seals.

A winter sale can be challenging, but given that often you’ll have fewer homes on the market to contend with, it can be the best time for a sale. Cold weather won’t stop committed buyers, so contact your Raine & Horne agent today for an obligation-free appraisal.

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